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Support A Really Cool Anthology!

My writing group is doing another anthology this year, and I’m super excited about the theme.

It’s called “When You’re Strange” and “will be a collection of short stories about strangers. Stories about estrangement, oddballs, and those who simply do not follow rules. We want to see outsiders and those deemed unworthy by society. Outcasts are welcome.” Awesome, right?

This is the group’s third anthology. I helped edit the first, and last year’s was edited by the amazingly talented Tom Howard. This year’s anthology has two new editors, and I think they’re going to do a great job.

They need some help though so that they can pay their writers. They’ve started an Indiegogo campaign asking for donations. There are some cool prizes from local businesses, including games, necklaces, and books. If you’re into strange fiction about strange characters, you should consider donating.

For more info on our previous anthologies, which both include speculative fiction short stories from authors in our group as well as authors outside the group, check out the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writing Groups’ site.

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